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Vampire Classmates (A Transylvanica High Short) by R. Barri Flowers

From R. Barri Flowers, the bestselling author of the Transylvanica High series, featuring young adult vampire novels, Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter and Out For Blood, come the prequel audio short story, Vampire Classmates.

Seventeen-year-old Lydia Knight was about to start her senior year at Transylvanica High, one of several integrated pilot schools across the country where human and vampire students peacefully coexist.

She is a bit leery about her cousin, Roland DuPree, eighteen, coming to live with her and parents in Harbor Heights, Michigan, with his dark clothing and odd behavior. But since he is family, she has to tolerate him and even accept the fact that her best friend, Mandi, is attracted to her cousin.

Roland DuPree wasn’t exactly thrilled to be leaving Owl’s Bluff, Oregon, to spend his senior year at Transylvanica High. But he understood why. He had been forced to relocate. Unbeknownst to Lydia, Roland was a teen vampire who had bitten off more than he could chew in Owl’s Bluff.

Now he was trying to fit in with Lydia and friends in a new community. But following the rules had never been his strong suit—especially with a craving for fresh rather than powdered human blood, and a potentially ripe for the biting target in his cousin’s attractive friend, Mandi.

Will shaking up things in Harbor Heights expose Roland for who he truly is? Or can he keep his secret while trying to stay true to his heritage as the newest vamp resident in town?

Included with this entertaining paranormal short are excerpts from the first book in the Transylvanica High Series, Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter; as well as from the author’s young adult haunted house mystery, Teen Ghost at Dead Lake, and teen time travel mystery, Danger in Time.

These and other titles from R. Barri Flowers are available in eBook, print, and audio.

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Teen Haunted House Mysteries Bundle: Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay & Teen Ghost at Dead Lake by bestselling author R. Barri Flowers

Teen Haunted House Mysteries Bundle contains two complete YA ghost mystery novels by bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, including Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay and Teen Ghost at Dead Lake.

Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay

Three years after her father was killed, sixteen-year-old Peyton Delaney, her mother, Melody, and new stepfather, Vance McIntyre, relocate to Shadow Bay, Minnesota and move into an old Victorian. They are unaware of the house's dark history--fifty years ago, a jealous husband snapped, murdering his wife, her lover, and sixteen-year-old daughter before killing himself.

But when Peyton begins to have nightmares about the crime and is haunted by a ghostly teenage girl named Caitlyn, she begins to investigate with the help of the caretaker's cute son, Bryant. As the two delve into the supernatural mystery surrounding the house, they discover that the events that led to the tragedy of fifty years ago are somehow intertwined with the present. In other words, history is repeating itself and Peyton, Bryant, and their parents are being drawn into a disturbing case of jealousy, possession, revenge, and murder, while seemingly powerless to prevent the inevitable from taking place all over again.

Caitlyn is a ghost who has had to relive the nightmare of being murdered by her father for half a century. When Peyton and her family arrive at the house where Caitlyn’s spirit has remained trapped, she feels a connection to Peyton and knows instinctively that it will take the two of them to not only free Caitlyn at long last, but to prevent her tragedy from becoming one that Peyton too must endure.

Teen Ghost at Dead Lake

When sixteen-year-old Paige Preston and her mother relocated to Dead Lake, Michigan, they were unaware that a seventeen-year-old previous resident of their house had killed himself by jumping off a cliff into the lake six months earlier. But was it really suicide?

Noah Snyder is a ghost. At least he thinks so. Only he's not sure how he died. He recruits the attractive Paige to help him get to the bottom of the mystery so he can move on. Before he died, Noah was the captain of the boys swim team and popular at Dead Lake High School. He had also suffered from depression after losing his father when Noah was just a boy.

Paige, who had initially believed she was dealing with an imposter Noah, is stunned to find out that he is a real ghost and that there were more than a few people who may have wanted him dead. Being attracted to a cute teen ghost is no small feat as Paige tries to adjust to life in a new town and help unravel the mystery of his death. In the process, she soon finds herself in danger, as someone wants to keep a deadly secret at all costs.

Praise for R. Barri Flowers

“This book has some serious potential with a really unique idea!... I think my students would really love this book.” -- Brittany Elsen, Book Reviewer on Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter

“The story was fast paced and had a lot of twist and turns... I would recommend this book for people who enjoy a good vampire YA book, its packed with teenage drama and triangles that will keep you turning the pages.” -- Ordinary Girlz Book Reviews on Out for Blood

“A very interesting concept and world that Flowers has written....I see some real potential in the future of the series.” -- Hot Off the Shelves on Out for Blood

“Great mystery and I loved the narration. The narrator really brought the story to life! I will highly recommend this mystery to my friends and family!” – Amazon reviewer on Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay

"This was like 'Sweet Valley High' meets 'True Blood'.... Fans of the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' series will enjoy this series. Great for young readers!" - Jessica's Reviews on Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter

Buy  the Teen Haunted House Mysteries Bundle today!

Teen Time Travel Novels 2-Book Bundle: Danger in Time and Christmas Wishes by bestselling author R. Barri Flowers

Teen Time Travel Novels 2-Book Bundle contains two complete young adult time travel novels by bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, including Christmas Wishes: Laura’s Story and Danger in Time.

Christmas Wishes: Laura’s Story

Laura Kettleton, three months shy of turning sixteen, lives in Cranbrook, Oregon. It's early December and she already has her Christmas wish list written down. These include wishing that Martin Walker would like her as more than a friend, that her best friend Saba Knight had not moved to Alaska, and that her parents were not on the verge of getting a divorce.

She didn't believe for one second that some silly wishes would change the misery in her life. But when the science teacher, Mr. Packard, calling himself the Wizard of Wishes at the Wish Upon A Star school dance, talks her into making her wishes to a fake star, Laura soon finds that her life has turned upside down when her wishes suddenly come true.

Is she imagining it or really living December over again, only this time in ways she couldn't begin to comprehend? Would she wake up one day to find her life has returned to normal? Or had this become the new norm with no turning back?

Laura's time travel fantasy holiday tale will warm hearts and resonate with teenagers as she experiences the power of having one's wishes come true in the spirit of the Christmas season.

Danger in Time

Rachel Crane was just six when her older sister, Brooke, died in a car accident ten years ago at the age of sixteen. Rachel often wishes that Brooke was still alive and there for her. That fantasy has to take a back seat to the reality of being sent to stay with her grandmother for the summer, leaving Rachel’s boyfriend Duncan behind in Lake Melrose, Oregon.

Just before she’s supposed to leave home, Rachel runs up to the attic--a place she often goes for some down time. A mysterious antique musical clockwatch literally appears at her feet. She picks it up, feels slightly dizzy, and finds herself transported back in time to the day her sister died.

After saving Brooke from her fate, Rachel finds herself back in the future, where it appears the whole thing was merely a dream when she suffered a mild concussion. Then Rachel realizes she really did travel back in time and, as a result, changed her sister’s destiny to something even more ominous. While trying to understand the mysterious clockwatch and its origin, Rachel uses it to go back again to try and save Brooke.

Through the power of the watch, both girls end up in the present as sixteen-year olds, with more changes as a consequence. Rachel, Brooke, and Duncan face danger when the serial killer who tried to kill Brooke ten years ago has targeted her again in the present, along with Rachel. The girls must identify him before he succeeds with his deadly plans, even as they also grapple with any other possibilities the clockwatch may have in store for them in the passages of time.

Praise for R. Barri Flowers

“Danger is Time grabbed me from the first chapter.... The plot is a unique twist to time travel, bearing mystical elements.... The gem of this story is the relationship between the sisters; it is powerfully written.... I was so engaged in this story that I hated to put it down.” – Amazon reviewer

“This book has some serious potential with a really unique idea!... I think my students would really love this book.” -- Brittany Elsen, Book Reviewer on Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter

“The story was fast paced and had a lot of twist and turns... I would recommend this book for people who enjoy a good vampire YA book, its packed with teenage drama and triangles that will keep you turning the pages.” -- Ordinary Girlz Book Reviews on Out for Blood

“A very interesting concept and world that Flowers has written.  With the introduction of a few more key players, I see some real potential in the future of the series.” -- Hot Off the Shelves on Out for Blood

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TRANSYLVANICA HIGH SERIES BUNDLE: Count Dracula's Teenage Daughter\Out For Blood

Transylvanica High Series Bundle is the full length first two novels of the bestselling teen vampire series, including Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter and Out for Blood.


In Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter, Kula Lockhart learns at age sixteen that she is the half-human daughter of the powerful Count Dracula. As she comes to grips with this while attending Transylvanica High School in Harbor Heights, Michigan, Kula must also deal with a vampire killer on the prowl, a pesky and powerful cheerleader vamp, and a romance with a handsome human named Eriq Pratt. A totally original concept on an old theme. Fans of True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and Vampire Academy will certainly find this a compelling read.

"This was like 'Sweet Valley High' meets 'True Blood'.... Fans of the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' series will enjoy this series. Great for young readers!" - Jessica's Reviews


“This book has some serious potential with a really unique idea!... I think my students would really love this book.” -- Brittany Elsen, Book Reviewer


“I found it to be a cute story and I’m sure teens and preteens will love it. I give this book 4 books.” -- Feel the Need, The Need To Read Blog



In Out For Blood, Kula Lockhart, faces new challenges and threats while attending the human and vampire integrated school Transylvania High, as she adjusts to being the half vamp daughter of Count Dracula. The arrival of half vamp Sebastian LeBlanc and vamp Gabryela Roswell coincides with vampire attacks on humans and Kula fends off advances toward boyfriend Eriq by a mortal girl, while also hoping to learn more about her human mother, who died in childbirth, from the only person who can give her answers--her dad, Count Dracula.


“The story was fast paced and had a lot of twist and turns... I would recommend this book for people who enjoy a good vampire YA book, its packed with teenage drama and triangles that will keep you turning the pages.” -- Ordinary Girlz Book Reviews


“A very interesting concept and world that Flowers has written.  With the introduction of a few more key players, I see some real potential in the future of the series.” -- Hot Off the Shelves


“This book as a part two is just as good as a standalone and can be read out of order if needed.... I did like it very much!” -- Cassandra M’s Place


Transylvanica High Series Bundle is available in Kindle, Nook, and iTunes. Buy it today and enter the world of Kula and the other students at Transylvanica High!

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SUMMER AT PARADISE RANCH New YA Adventure Novel by R Barri Flowers

From R. Barri Flowers, author of the bestselling teen novels, COUNT DRACULA’S TEENAGE DAUGHTER, TEEN GHOST AT DEAD LAKE, and OUT FOR BLOOD, come the start of an exciting new young adult adventure series, SUMMER AT PARADISE RANCH.
Four months shy of turning sixteen, Lexi Montoya was still trying to come to terms with her parents’ divorce and her mom's remarriage to a man she met online, relocating to Maui, Hawaii.

Choosing to remain with her dad in Seattle, Lexi had planned to spend her first summer since the divorce hanging out with her boyfriend, Matt, and best friend, Robin. But her dad had other plans, insisting she spend the summer visiting her mom and stepdad at his ranch called Paradise Ranch in Wailuku, in west Maui.
Lexi went there with an attitude. Then she meets a cute Hawaiian guy named Mitsuo, is thrown into a love triangle, become friends with a teen girl living on a ranch next door, April; rides her first horse-- an Arabian mare named Poppy-- learns to hula dance and surf, and finds herself embroiled in a dangerous rescue mission when Poppy and another horse named Casper go missing from her stepfather’s ranch.

By the time her tropical summer adventure comes to an end, Lexi hates to leave Maui and say goodbye to Mitsuo. But can she stay when Matt is waiting for her back at home to pick up where they left off? Or will he lose her to a summer romance?

SUMMER AT PARADISE RANCH is a great coming of age adventure with young romance and mystery in paradise. Now in eBook, print, and audio.

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Interview With Rebecca McConnell, Narrator of OUT FOR BLOOD (Transylvanica High Series #2)

Interview With Rebecca McConnell, Narrator of OUT FOR BLOOD (Transylvanica High Series #2) by R. Barri Flowers

Rebecca McConnell OUT FOR BLOOD Narrator

 Rebecca McConnell

Nice to have you with us today, Rebecca, as the narrator for OUT FOR BLOOD, the sequel to the popular audio novel, COUNT DRACULA'S TEENAGE DAUGHTER in the Transylvanica High Series.
Do you have acting experience apart from narrating?
Out For Blood (Transylvanica High Series #2)I studied musical theatre in college, and have performed in regional theatres throughout the United States.  Some of my favorite performance roles have been Princess Winnifred in “Once Upon A Mattress”, Cheryl in “Evil Dead The Musical”, Pickles in “The Great American Trailer Park Musical”, Judy in “Ruthless! The Musical”, and countless others. 
What made you want to be a narrator?
When I was a kid, we did a lot of traveling, and my parents started buying audiobooks of classic children’s books.  I just loved hearing a talented narrator recreate the book, and always had a dream to do it myself.  Throughout my entire adult life, I prefer to “read” by listening to an audiobook– mostly because it allows me to continue other tasks, like driving, housework, etc.  It’s really exciting to finally record a book myself!
 Why the interest in young adult fiction, in particular?
I teach acting classes to teens, and I feel like I can relate to them.  Also, a big part of me never    grew up, and so I often feel like I understand the conflicting emotions of the teenage years.
How did you like narrating OUT FOR BLOOD?
It was really fun.  I liked the twists in the plot, and the dramatic moments.  It was also fun to create voices and personalities for so many students at Transylvanica High.
Was the protagonist, Kula Lockhart, an easy person to narrate?
Yes, I found her easy to narrate.  Mostly because I think most people would be able to relate to her as someone trying to figure out her identity.  That’s something all teens need to discover– although I don’t personally know any who are trying to manage the balance between the human and vampire worlds.  :)
 You did a great job narrating Count Dracula. Obviously you are aware of this legendary vampire and some of those who played in role in film. Was there a particular depiction or actor that you patterned your own inflection off of?
Thank you.  :)  Honestly, a lot the inspiration came from the Count on Sesame Street.  :) 
Apart from Kula and Count Dracula, who was your favorite character to narrate in OUT FOR BLOOD?
 I really liked narrating Ivan.  I decided to give him an almost military sense of duty in his role as Kula’s protector. My delivery for his character was very matter-of-fact.   As a contrast,        Amelia was much more soft spoken and gentle.
Did you find the human characters in the novel as interesting to narrate as the vampire characters?
Poor Eriq just wants to support his girlfriend who has so much new stuff on her plate in taking on her role as Count Dracula’s daughter, and her new vampire heritage.  As you might guess, this puts a strain on their relationship.  I also had a lot of fun creating a bubbly persona for Lucy, one of Kula’s human friends.  Lucy is the kind of character that I often play in theatre productions, and I really enjoy those types of roles.
Did you read the first book in the Transylvanica High series, COUNT DRACULA’S TEENAGE DAUGHTER? If so, how did you like it?   
I read portions of it to understand the characters and background.  I enjoyed what I read, and probably will take the time to read all of it over the holidays.
How do you promote books that you narrate?
I have a Facebook page that I use for my business as an acting teacher, and I advertise on there.  I’m still new to the audiobook business, so I don’t have a website yet devoted to my work as a narrator.
 Why do you think vampires are so popular in YA lit?
Vampires are a classic legend that has always been popular. I think teens enjoy vampire fiction because although they are fantasy stories, they have been re-created to be contemporary and this makes it easier for readers to relate to them.  I also think the dark undertones of vampire novels appeal to teen readers.
 If you could name your ideal cast to star in a movie version of OUT FOR BLOOD, who would play the parts?
Kula– Emma Watson (Harry Potter series, Perks of Being A Wallflower)
She is extremely likeable, and I think audiences would relate well to her.
Eriq– Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games)
Josh strikes me as an actor who could convincingly portray someone who may be in over his head by dating a girl who is the daughter of a vampire legend.  He seems like the perfect All-American boyfriend, and a good contrast to Munro as Sebastian.
Sebastian– Munro Chambers (Degrassi)
He plays mysterious really well, and has a great charisma that I think would suit the character.
 Ivan– Taylor Lautner (Twilight)
Althought Taylor played a non-vampire character in Twilight, his imposing physique seems to be a good match for Ivan, one of Kula’s guardians.
 Amelia—Mia Wasikowska (Alice In Wonderland)
Mia has a very ethereal quality that I think would suit the character of Amelia.
Jacqueline– Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl)
Her work on Gossip Girl proves that she can handle a Queen V role
Yvonne—Diana Agron (Glee)
Glee fans know that Diana may look sweet, but she can certainly portray a character with a hidden agenda. 
Gabryella:  Alia Shawkat  (Arrested Development)
Alia can deliver a one-liner with comedic precision.  Plus, she’s a talented performer who could definitely bring intrigue to the mysterious character of Gabryella.
Sky– Anna Sophia Robb  (The Carrie Diaries)
Anna Sophia has done many films in her young life, and could handle the portrayal of a young vampire struggling with the challenges of suppressing her urges.  She also has a sweet girl-next-door appearance which contrasts with the complexities of the character.
Would you be interested in narrating the sequel to OUT FOR BLOOD, entitled, KULA’S REVENGE?
Of course!  I’m excited to find out what happens next to Kula.
What’s next for you as a narrator?
No narrator plans right now– just on stage performing and teaching.
Do you have a website where audio fans can learn more about your work?
Not yet– but I’ll let you know when I do.  :)
Thank you for doing a great job narrating OUT FOR BLOOD, Rebecca, and best of luck with your future work as a narrator.
Out For Blood (Transylvanica High Series #2)

OUT FOR BLOOD (Transylvanica High Series #2) is available in audio in, Amazon, and iTunes. Listen to sample for free:

Count Draculas Teenage Daughter (Transylvanica High Series #1)
Also in audio is the first book in series, COUNT DRACULA’S TEENAGE DAUGHTER. Listen to sample for free:


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Interview With R. Barri Flowers, Author of TEEN GHOST AT DEAD LAKE


Tell us about your process from having an idea for a book, to writing it, and finally letting someone read it?

Great question! Well, when an idea pops into my head, I usually discuss it with my wife and the pros and cons of proceeding forward with.

Once I decide to write the novel, I then work on developing a full blown plot and creating three dimensional characters. Then comes an outline on the story, subplots, scenes, conflict, and a satisfying conclusion.

I then simply follow through and work steadily till wrapping up project.

Beyond the print and eBook versions, it has become increasingly important to me to have all my books in audio as well, given the greater interest these days in audio fiction with readers using their iPods, tablets, cell phones, and computers to listen to books instead of on CD.

Finding the perfect narrator simply comes down to the audition process and connecting with someone who has the right voice, style, and enthusiasm for the job; while possessing the professionalism to do the job in an efficient manner that meets quality standards for an audio book.

Tell us about an entity that supported your writing outside of family members.


My writing ambitions have long been supported by friends and colleagues. I would say that the support of my professors when in college was the key to my development as a successful writer. They fully encouraged me to follow my dreams and learn from any mistakes along the way.

What was the biggest surprise to you when you first heard your work professionally narrated?


Another great question. Perhaps the biggest surprise was being able to put myself in the shoes of a listener instead of the author in being able to totally enjoy the presentation. Indeed, it was such fun for me and my wife as big fans of audio fiction to listen to my own creation. It was like an “audio movie,” using my mind’s eye to visualize the narrated book.

Do you think about how your work will sound in audiobook form while you're writing?


Actually, I do. With more than 40 titles in audio, I do tend to imagine the book being narrated as I write it. In many instances, I will envision the words in audio of particular scenes or characters.

If you didn't have to worry about licensing rights and you could choose one piece of music as a soundtrack for this book, what would it be? 


That is an interesting question. Hmm... I think it would be great if the soundtrack or transitional music for TEEN GHOST AT DEAD LAKE was Robert Cobert’s music score for the Dark Shadows TV series, a gothic soap opera that was one of my favorite shows.

What are you working on now?


The sequel to my bestselling young adult vampire novel, COUNT DRACULA’S TEENAGE DAUGHTER, entitled, OUT FOR BLOOD, has just been released. I am excited about this second book in my Transylvanica High Series that should really please my young adult readers.
And coming in the summer of 2014 is the first of my new YA coming of age adventure series, SUMMER AT PARADISE RANCH.

About the Author:

R. Barri Flowers is the bestselling author of teen novels, COUNT DRACULA'S TEENAGE DAUGHTER, TEEN GHOST AT DEAD LAKE, GHOST GIRL IN SHADOW BAY, DANGER IN TIME, and CHRISTMAS WISHES: Laura's Story. His novels can be found in print, eBook, and audio.

The author has also written a number of bestselling teen and young adult related nonfiction books as well, including RUNAWAY KIDS AND TEENAGE PROSTITUTION, KIDS WHO COMMIT ADULT CRIMES, and CHILDREN AND CRIMINALITY.

Follow R. Barri Flowers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest Goodreads, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, LibraryThing, and And learn more about the author in Wikipedia.